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RUCU Women Group is from Kiambaa Constituency, Kiambu County. The members had a dream to one day live decent lives and create wealth. They had attempted individual businesses but they hardly had enough income to meet their daily needs, let alone save and educate their children. They registered in August 2007 with social services office. It is made up of 10 ladies and 3 gentlemen. The group started saving ksh.2, 500 per member per month.

The group took advantage of the newly established Women Enterprise Fund, a government program targeting women, and applied for their 1st loan of Ksh50, 000 in January 2009 which was the maximum loan available for cycle one. This they shared among members to invest in their businesses. This enabled them to repay the loan and increase their monthly savings. They got their 2nd loan of Ksh.100, 000 in June 2011 which they topped up with their savings to invest in an old matatu which only operated the local routes. The group exploited this to supplement their income besides creating 2 direct employments for the driver and the tout who were members of the group. The handsome proceeds from the business enabled them to repay their loan faster with relative ease. They received a 3rd loan of ksh.200, 000 in May 2013 which they added to savings and bought a 3acre piece of land in Nyahururu with the aim of farming. They have leased out the land adding to their income.

They sold the old   matatu and bought a better matatu added the proceeds to the proceeds from their 4th loan of ksh. 350,000 in October 2014. The new matatu serves upto Nairobi City giving the group significant income from this investment. The group received 5th loan in April 2016 which together with a savings of ksh. 350, 000 they used to buy an ex- tour Nissan the previous owner was exiting the tourism industry since this was within their budget. The Matatu is on the road and group is in a position to repay its loan as they are able to make a profit of 5,000 daily after expenses.

Their children are no longer being kicked out of School for fee arrears, Monthly meetings become more interesting as they focused on projects updates, members are in a position to boost their once struggling individual businesses, and the older members no longer had to rely on cash transfers to meet their needs since they had constant cash flow. Their transport coordinator says, “I cannot believe we have created employment for an additional two people this year, we are beginning to see the value of our determination”. Another member added, “We now look forward to the end of year to get bonuses from our investments, we are now more confident and sure of where we want to be.”


 Employees of Rucu

 Employees of Rucu Women Group Taking a Break

One of The Matatus

One of the Matatus Waiting To Pick Passengers                                                                                                                 

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