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Utheri Kithimu Sub-location Women Group is located in Mbeti North Location, Manyatta Constituency in Embu County. It was registered with social services on June 2007 with 30 members but gradually 15 members withdrew, 15 members are still very active in banana farming and flour processing. The main objective of this project was to eliminate poverty in their locality and in the entire county as well. And for this reason they started accumulating their savings with contributions they made monthly of ksh.200 and later they formalized their chama into table banking and merry go round.

The group made a proposal for funding through the upper Tana and they managed to buy a posho mill with the funding. The group also received their first loan from Women Enterprise Fund on June 2008 and managed to buy 50 banana stems (Williams tissue banana) which they planted in their shambas. This was with the guidance from a government agricultural officer who journeyed with them all through until harvesting. The group has received funding from WEF as follows: ksh. 100,000, 200,000, 350,000 and 500,000 which they managed to pay well and it is through these funds that they have managed to purchase more quality banana seedling, manure, fertilizers, insecticides, purchase of machines like, super slicer for slicing the bananas to ease drying, commercial sealer, Digital weighing machine , construction of a solar drier, 15 water storage tanks (2,000ltrs) to every member for sustaining their bananas and consumption during the dry period, paying for tours for capacity building on banana farming.

The group is operating its project from a rental house in Kithimu Market, where they have managed to employ one staff for banana milling and selling group product (banana flour), they produce more than 300kgs of banana flour monthly @ ksh.100 which they sell locally. They have expanded their table banking activity as well to take care of the various financial needs of the members.

Major impacts to the members include:

Provision of clean water to members and the community; improved of financial status i,e. no overreliance on their husbands for family upkeep; direct jobs created for the members and the community; and better knowledge on banana farming through training's from the department of agriculture.



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