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Human Resources & Training

Human Resources & Training

Capacity building of the beneficiaries of the Fund's services and their institutions is one of the core mandates of the Fund which targets both internal and external customers. Our internal customers include the Advisory Board, WEF secretariat and the Ministry of Devolution and Planning. The external customers include women entrepreneurs in micro, small and medium businesses and potential individual women entrepreneurs.

Carrying out capacity building for both our customers is expected to result in the target groups acquiring the relevant skills, knowledge and further create awareness through enhanced networking.

Departmental Units;

There are three main units;

  1. Human Resource Development
  2. Human Resource Management
  3. Capacity Building

By investing in capacity building the Fund aims to achieve the following objectives;

  1. Improve productivity of women owned enterprises
  2. Raise the level of financial literacy of women; this will empower women to have better negotiating economic voice in the market place
  3. Improve business management skills to raise the survival rates of women owned enterprises and thereby
  4. Improve staff productivity with an aim for the Fund to achieve spectacular success

Other functions and responsibilities:

  1. Carry out regular market surveys to identify client ?training and development needs
  2. Identify and recommend appropriate training for the entrepreneurs who have benefited from the Fund
  3. Coordinate and carry out training of women entrepreneurs
  4. Conduct an appraisal of the current range of courses developed for Small and Medium Enterprises by different players and develop training guides and manuals for use by the Fund
  5. Identify relevant players to collaborate with the Fund in the execution of the capacity building mandate
  6. Managing employees' and the Board members learning and development programs


In 2010, the Fund initially rolled out the volunteership programme in 210 constituencies which was the first of its kind in Kenya. This initiative enabled the Fund to train 4,970 beneficiaries groups and 64,405 women by December 2013. Following its resounding success, the Fund rolled out a full scale recruitment of volunteers in the remaining 80 constituencies, making a total of 290 volunteers with coverage of one volunteer per constituency countrywide.

The Fund surpassed its women beneficiaries training target of 117,500 in the 2013/14 financial year by 19,981 by training 137,481 women entrepreneurs and 10,341 groups.

The Duties and Responsibilities of volunteers are:

  1. Creating awareness of the Fund in the constituency
  2. Sensitizing potential women borrowers in Self Help Groups (SHGs) or individual to apply for loans
  3. Assisting Self Help Groups (SHGs) access and fill loan applications forms
  4. Capacity building of women borrowers
  5. Monitoring utilization of loans and repayment
  6. Providing the feedback link between SHGs and the Fund
  7. Undertaking vetting and Appraisal of loans and applications
  8. Any other roles assigned by the Chief Executive/Director of Women Enterprise Fund

Achievements To Date

  1. Recruitment of 290 volunteers in all constituencies.
  2. Since inception the Fund has in total trained 406,600 women entrepreneurs as at June 2014.

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