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Marketing, Research and Communication

Marketing, Research and Communication

The department is charged with the responsibility of executing the Fund's three core mandates. The Fund is fully aware of the fact that there are other government institutions charged with these responsibilities therefore the Fund will seek to partner with like minded institutions and companies in order to achieve these mandates.

1. Support and facilitate local and international marketing of goods and services produced by women entrepreneurs.

Women Enterprise Fund recognises that the problems faced by women entrepreneurs are not only of credit nature but encompass other factors that make a business successful. To achieve this mandate the Fund has partnered with Export Promotion Council (EPC) in order to mainstream women entrepreneurs into the international process.

2. Support and facilitate linkages between women owned enterprises and big companies.

The department has a responsibility of facilitating exchange programmes between the women owned enterprises and larger companies with the aim of creating a learning experience for the women entrepreneurs in aspects of technology and best practices as well as accessing markets for their products and services.

3. Support and facilitate development of infrastructure beneficial to women entrepreneurs.

Women entrepreneurs still face challenges of decent work places and operate from unhealthy environments. We are still seeking other organisations that can work with the Fund to support women access better working spaces.

To achieve success some women enterprises need incubation and as such the department is charged with the responsibility of partnering with reputable organisations specialising in this area.

Other Duties and Responsibilities of the Department

4. Development of market led products.

5. Dissemination of information through various channels - electronic, print, public forums among others. Our customers are spread across the country therefore communication takes into account the diverse backgrounds.

6. Facilitate and coordinate surveys that inform on customer satisfaction and customer needs.

7. Ensure production of quality advertisements for both print and electronic media.

8. Ensure production and distribution of quality materials for information and publicity.

9. Facilitate and support women entrepreneurs to package their products and have them certified.

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