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The Fund’s strategic goal is to develop efficient and effective service delivery systems for wider reach and increased product uptake; restructure the business model for cost effectiveness and greater impact; to ensure long-term impact and sustainability of the Fund.

One of the Strategic Focus as outlined in the Funds Strategic Plan 2019-2024 is pursuance of strategic alliances to enhance financial inclusion and long-term sustainability. The partnerships will include Public and Private organizations, State and Non-State Agencies, International, Regional and Local Donor Agencies, Academia, Non-Governmental Agencies and Community Based Organizations to achieve her mandate as listed below.

  1. Provide subsidized credit to Kenyan women entrepreneurs for enterprise development.
  2. Capacity building of women entrepreneurs and their organizations.
  • Attract and facilitate investment in micro, small and medium enterprises-oriented infrastructure such as business markets or business incubators that will be beneficial to women enterprises. Support women-oriented micro, small and medium enterprises to develop linkages with large enterprises.
  1. Facilitate marketing of products and services of women enterprises in both domestic and international markets.

We are calling on like-minded institutions to partner with us in any of the mandate, match a shilling for shilling as a way of complementing the government’s effort towards meeting the 1st and 5th SDGs on Poverty Reduction and Gender Equality and Women Economic Empowerment, respectively.

The Fund upholds highest level of professionalism as guided by its core values and as can be attested by prudent use of government availed resources having grown its loan book from Kshs.5 billion issued by the exchequer to its current value of 22 billion.

The Fund has developed a checklist Partnership Checklist to provide a framework to guide organizations wishing to partner with the Fund. It is designed to assess interested partners and the partners to carry out a self-assessment before expressing interest for a partnership.

The Checklist will be used in conjunction with the partnership guidelines to help identify the strengths and weaknesses of partnership functioning.


Evaluation of potential partners

Once a proposal for partnership is received, it will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Due diligence: - this addresses matters on the legality of the partner, location of their head office, organizational history, and entry reference point.
  2. Need for the partnership – the benefits of a partnership approach should be clear.
  • Mission - refers to the purpose of a partnership and encompasses the idea of a shared vision and aligned goals which draws together the individual, organizational and financial partners.
  1. Context - refers to the external environment within which the partnership exists. It includes the individual contexts of all the partners as well as the economic, political, social and cultural context.
  2. Partners' profile – refers to the partners’ overall skills and expertise, and willingness to share resources to fulfill the mission.
  3. Resources - encompass financial and other resources such as time, skills, expertise, reputation, personal networks and connections, etc.
  • Leadership – refers to single leaders, co-leaders, or a team of leaders who provide strategic direction to achieve the partnership’s mission.
  • Roles and structures – refer to the level of formalization and working arrangements with the partnership.
  1. Communication - the way partners (including leadership) convey information both within the partnership and externally.
  2. Partnership functioning – tasks and activities that maintain the partnership and keep it productive pertaining to the partnership’s mission.

The Fund is desirous to enter into partnerships with like-minded institutions. Worth noting is that the partnership engagement process is open through-out the year. The Board reviews all received proposals on quarterly basis.

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