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The Group Karinga Tissue Culture Banana Growers was officially registered on 10th November, 2010. The group is located at Ndimi sub-location, Inoi ward, Kerugoya town. The group is composed of 14 active members that is 11 females and 3 males.


The group’s main activity before funding was small scale banana farming for subsistence. The need for better livelihood is what brought about the idea of forming the group and to attain their goal, members resolved to start table banking and transform their banana farming into agribusiness. The net worth of their business was approximately Kshs.20,000. The group members’ economic and social status was not well defined before the funding from WEF. The children of the members were not able to access quality education. Family food, clean drinks water and quality health services was a problem. Members were living in temporary and semi-permanent houses.


The group received their first loan of 50,000/= in July 2013 which was invested in the group members’ table banking. The profit they raised from table banking was invested in banana farming.

The second loan of Kshs 100,000/= & third loan of Kshs 200,000 plus their savings was used to boost table banking and their Banana farming.


The group has increased their bananas farming production since they are able to buy certified seeds and inputs intended to increase productivity. The group members have also been able to benefit from table banking loans at an interest of 10 % of the amount they have borrowed. The profit received from interest is invested in banana agribusiness farm.


Produce from the Group’s farm                              

The group has been able to buy land from its income and they have savings over Kshs 500,000 which they on-lend to group members. They have also been able to employ one accountant who assists them in handling cash from sales of their products. Some of the group members have been able to move from temporary and semi-permanent houses to permanent houses.

Their children are able to get access to better education, members are able to take their children’s to private schools without much strain over school fees. Training received from WEF staff on leadership and recording group financial activities has equipped members and group official with the necessary skills needed by the leaders & members. Today the leadership in the group is of high integrity.

Members are able to access better health care/facilities since they have all been able to apply for NHIF cards. The chair lady says they no longer fear illness, hospital bills Harambees are things of the past since NHIF has covered their members. Nutrition and access to clean water is now guaranteed since members purchasing power has increased.

Lastly, Savings gained from their businesses has made them bankable hence group members can easily access bank loans to enabled them grow further economically.


The group is focused that it will be able to increase its table banking and also be able to lend to Non-members who will be paying their loans at a higher percentage compared to the group Members. Profit gained will be used to improve agribusiness.


The group mainly deals with farming and the main challenge they experience is inadequate rainfall that is necessary for high production. The other problem that they likely experience is poor prices that the middle men buy their produce. The market for excess perishable produce.



Name: Gladys Githugu

Title: Chairlady

Phone: 0721295193                

Name: Jedidah Wachiri

Title: Secretary

Organization: Milimani Women group

Phone: 0727465407

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