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Description of activities before funding

The group was mainly involved in savings and merry-go-round contributions at their initial stage of formation. Members were contributing Kshs.100 for both savings and merry-go- round. These activities were to help members understand one another and provide access to small amounts of cash advances. The group paid visits to each of the members on a rotational basis. The funds at this stage were not adequate to fulfill members' financial needs.

Imara Women Group was formed in mid 2012 and formally registered on 2nd May, 2013 as a 'Women Group’. Its core objective is to provide a forum for accumulating savings and other resources to meet members' financial needs.


The group is located in Ziwa la Ngombe ward in Nyali Constituency. It is two hundred meters away from Mombasa- Malindi Road.

Group Composition

The group is composed of ten (10) women actively involved in its core business. The day to day activities of the group are handled by an executive committee including; the Chairlady, Secretary and Treasurer.

Members Social and Economic status after funding

Imara Women Group received loans ranging from One Hundred Thousand (Ksh.100,000) to Five Hundred Thousand shillings (Kshs.500,000) from Women Enterprise Fund on a yearly basis. The group has a good repayment history and this has enabled members to benefit greatly from the Fund. The first loan was used to expand individual businesses and subsequent loans channeled to group projects. Members decided to buy plastic chairs for hire and later initiated a poultry project.

Plastic chairs project: The group acquired one hundred (100 pcs) plastic chairs which are normally hired at a unit cost of ten shillings for people residing in the neighborhood and fifteen shillings for outsiders.



Poultry project: The poultry business was started upon receipt of the third loan of Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand shillings (Ksh.350,000) from Women Enterprise Fund. The group normally keeps an average of four hundred (400) broilers as stock at any given time.



The poultry project has faced several challenges such as lack of adequate market for broilers, land to construct a chicken structure and weather variations affecting young chicks.

Members of Imara W. Group have longed for business seminars to sharpen their skills in poultry farming and marketing of their products. The group has therefore not been able to meet its core objective of elevating members' economic status as a result of low income.

Future Objectives

Members are looking forward to another loan of Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand shillings (Ksh. 750,000) from the Fund upon completion of the current one. The next loan will be used to acquire land for the group's own chicken structure as an alternative to the rented one. This will ensure adequate drainage to minimize worms, protection from wind and extreme temperatures.

The group also intends to establish an outside catering business to generate additional income.


Contact Information

Name:             Hadija Ali

Title:                Chairperson

Organization: Imara W. Group

Phone Number: 0724281828

Name:              Mwanamani Seif

Title:               Secretary

Organization:  Imara W. Group

Phone Number: 0728888789

Date of Submission: 24th September, 2017

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