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Nyandiko Women Group is one of the groups that has so far benefited from WEF in Seme Constitutency. The group was formed in the year 2007, with the aim of improving the living standards of its members and eradicate poverty within the community.  

The group is located in Seme Sub-County, South West Seme location, East Kadinga Sub-Location, Kasluma village-kosimbo beach. Current group membership is 16, comprised of 3 male and 13 women.


To promote peace, love and harmony among members and enhance trust, Nyandiko Women Group engaged in a merry-go-round where they contributed Kshs.200 each and gave the host of their monthly meetings. Thus each member when visited would get Kshs.3,200 in one cycle. The members also practiced peasant farming but due to unpredictable climate conditions, the harvests were not good and this still could affect the members in terms of poor nutrition, education and health. Access to clean water was a problem too with members having to walk up to 1 kilometer to fetch water.

In the year 2007 UNICEF drilled a borehole for the group where group members and other community members could benefit. The group members got water at no cost and the rest of the community at ksh2 which could translate to approximately ksh 21,000 per month. This project is still on to date. The group also partnered with VI Agroforestry which trained the members on Farm Enterprise Development and Sustainable Agricultural Land management practice choice & selection. Due to low economic status of the group, it could not start any viable project.


In the year 2008, the Nyandiko Women Group came to learn of the existence of Women Enterprise Fund from a Chief’s Barraza. They visited the office of Gender & Social services to get more information. After the inquiries, the group became interested and in October the same year, the group received their 1st cycle loan of Kshs.50,000. The amount was used to start table banking where members were loaned to start individual businesses.


In the year 2012, the group received 2nd cycle loan of Kshs.100,000. From this amount, members decided to allocate Kshs.60,000 to start MPESA services and the remaining was allocated to table banking to enable members expand their individual businesses.

Nyandiko Women Group’s M-Pesa Business

In 2013 the group received the 3rd cycle loan of Kshs.200,000 with which they constructed a house, purchased a posho mill, and installed it within the community. The remaining Kshs.50,000 was used for table banking.

Group’s Posho Mill

The 4th cycle loan of Kshs.350,000 was received in November 2014. The group bought another posho mill, 2 cross-bred dairy cows, the also, constructed and started a cattle dip project and with the remaining amount the group started a mat making project.

The group is now on their 5th cycle loan of Kshs.500,000. The unity of the group has seen them grow from strength to strength. They decided to use the loan to do the following:

The chairperson was very happy and encouraged the members by quoting, “when women support each other, incredible things happen.”


Since WEF started funding the group, the group runs the following business in the community and members make a tidy living as well:

  • MPESA services to the community with a total of ksh 500,000 circulating.
  • Posho mill
  • Cereals selling.
  • Dairy Farming


These business have provided income for the group members and the families can now boast:

  • Pay school fees and meet medical expenses.
  • Most of the members are now living in iron roofed shelters.
  • Availability of water has also made most of the members establish nutritional kitchen gardens.

This has also been made possible by VI Agroforestry training and WEF training has also improved Governance among the group members.


  1. During rainy seasons, sales on water usually reduces as most of the community members rely on rainy water for domestic chores. Though this is a blessing to the group and the community at large, their monthly returns are reduced for that period.
  2. Access to diesel dealers to help run the posho mill is a challenge.


  • The group has put up strategies to enable its member’s access better services. This include establishing Burial Benevolent Fund Scheme to its members.
  • Purchase PSV vehicle.
  • In addition, it has a rolled out a plan to establish a micro finance scheme where its members and the surrounding community members would save and borrow money at affordable interest rates.
  • To register group business and to get AGPO certificate.


The group has appreciated WOMEN ENTERPRISE FUND for economic empowerment. Beatrice Odhiambo, the group secretary is all praises about the funding from WEF, “If WEF had not funded us, I would never have become an entrepreneur, but now, I have constructed my home and when you people visit my home, they can see that there is someone in that homestead”. One of the members went further to quote Kofi Annan, “There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women” 

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