Success Stories

In 2013, a group of women realized that without unity, they could not make it on their own. They therefore decided to start and registere a self help group known as Tujikaze. Poverty eradication was their main objective. They had a few resources within their rich, but this was enough to start them off. WEF came in handy to boost them and upon receiving their first loan, Kshs.100,000.00 they started a pottery project. Having engaged in other activities like table banking, poultry farming and small scale businesses part of the loan was used to boost these activities as well.

The 2nd loan of Kshs.200,000 was used to expand the group project and other individual businesses.

The pottery business has grown and as seen from the photos, the women have used their creativity to make beautiful works of art, classy you may call them too.

Partnering with the Fund helped the group start and expand their group project. They have also created employment for some of the youth in Ilesi Location. All in all, their living standards have been greatly enhanced and they look forward to furthering this relationship as they continue to benefit through loans, marketing and capacity building of the members by Women Enterprise Fund.      

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