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Reja Reja Women group is a community based women organization group formed with a major aim of uplifting the socio economic standards of its members and the surrounding community through self-sponsored businesses and loaning funding partners.

The group was started on 14 June 2014 and is located in Migori Market, Suna East constituency Migori County. The group comprises of 14 women who are of age 21 to 60 and both stay around Prinsol estate. Most of the members operate their businesses around Migori town and Prinsol state.

Before WEF funding, the group was practicing merry-go-round and table banking as their main activities. Merry-go-round was done on a weekly basis where the members used to contribute KSH. 200 which were being given to the member visited. They also used to contribute KSH 200 as members shares for table banking on a weekly basis. In a month the group would collect up to (14 members × 4 weeks × KSH 200) = KSH 11, 200 × 12 months =KSH 134,000 table banking shares in a year.

The group did not employ anybody for there was no manageable project, the group also faced quite some challenges like inadequate supply of water low quality education access to the group families poor health care and insufficient funds to improve their businesses.

The group received their first loan cycle on 3rd April 2015 of amount Ksh. 100,000. The group added KSH 50,000 to table banking and the remaining KSH 50, 000 was given to members to either boost or start their personal project. According to the loan officer, Mrs. Caren Otieno, the remaining amount was not enough financially to start a profitable group project. Every member was being given KSH 10,000 per month which she would return with an interest rate of 10%, in a moth the group would earn (14 members × KSH 1,000 profit gained per person) = KSH 14,000 × 12 months = KSH 168,000 per year.

The only problem that the group experienced during this period was inadequate funds to start group projects that were in plan. For example the group wanted to start a maize farming project but had no land and the money was not stable enough to hire a land for the group feared it might remain bankrupt. This was the same case to poultry farming. There was no enough cash to build a chicken house and to buy a hatchery machine at the same time.

Determined to start profitable group projects, the group decided to apply for a second loan which they received on 6th December 2016 amount Ksh. 200,000. This amount was used to start group projects which included:

  1. a)Maize Farming

The group hired a land at Ksh 20,000 and bought farm imputes worth Ksh. 16, 000/ and labor used, Ksh 5,000. Totally the group used Ksh 41, 000 to start farming. During low harvesting season the group sells one sack of 90Kg at Ksh 10,000.

  1. b)Poultry Farming

The group started poultry farming too. The group bought 200 two week old chicken Ksh. 300 each = Ksh 60,000. And Ksh 10,000 chicken feeds. Now the group has also a hatchery machine which they bought at Ksh. 15,000.

From the investment they group made on poultry, they now benefit by selling eggs which are sold at Ksh 350 per create and they also sell chicken at Ksh 1,200 during festive seasons. Apart from the improvement of the group projects the group members have also improved their personal projects.

Since their funding by WEF, Reja Reja women group has recorded a great improvement in their social economic standards. Members can now get access to good health care, good food and quality education for their children Most of them live in permanent houses.

“We have a great change in our lives since we started receiving loans from WEF. We thank them for a steady women empowerment,”Roseline Akinyi, chairlady.

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