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Samaki women group is a community based women organization group formed with a major aim of raising the socio economic standards of its members and the surrounding economy through self-sponsored businesses and loaning funding partners.

The group was registered in 2002 with the department of Social Services with a total of 25 members who were fish mongers within Migori fish market. All members stayed around Migori town. Their operational area of projects was between Migori town and Kisumu town.

Before funding by Women Enterprise Fund the group had merry go round and table banking as their main project. The group had KSH 100,000 in their from member savings account. The money was being given to first group of ten members of amount KSH. 10,000 each who would return it back with a profit of KSH 2,000 (20% interest rate) after one week. In a month this lending would, make two cycles to every member. The group would make a total of KSH 8,000 per month and a profit of KSH 96,000 per year.   For four years from 2012 to 2016 the group had KSH 384, 000 as their profit from table banking.

On 10th March 2015, they were funded their first loan cycle of KSH 100,000 which they added on their table banking project. During this period the group had a total amount of KSH 584,000 inclusive of their savings of KSH 100,000. (WEF loan KSH 100,000 + members savings KSH 100,000 + table banking profit KSH 384,000 = KSH 584,000), this made them to raise their interest rates from 20% to 30%. In a week, they were making KSH 12,000 as a profit from member’s interest ad by the end of their repayment period (12 months × 12,000 profit from interest) they made KSH 144,000.

They received their second loan cycle on 25th April 2016 which was KSH 200,000. This helped them boost their table banking and to this extent they had (members’ savings KSH 584,000 + interest profit KSH 144,000 + WEF funding KSH 200,000) KSH 928,000. From May 2016 to November 2016 they made (interest from members per month KSH 21.600 × 7 months = KSH 151,200) therefore (KSH 928,000 initial balance + KSH 151,200 profit from interest)= KSH 1,079,200

The group took KSH 1,000,000 and deposited to co-operative bank which allowed them a brand new minibus for their commercial project purposes. The bus is worth KSH 4,980,000. The group had a deficit of KSH 3,980,000 which the bank allowed them to repay in monthly installment of KSH 196,000

The bus started operating on 17th January 2017. It makes profit of KSH 7,000 per day. Up to date it has worked for 22 days (KSH 7,000 × 22 days = KSH 154.000)

The group added the collected amount from bus per week which is KSH 49,000 to their table banking which was remaining at KSH 79,000 which totals to KSH 128,000. For the last three weeks has been funding 6 members KSH 20,000 each at an interest rate of 20% per week. This has earned KSH 7,200 as their profit from table banking. (Profit from table banking KSH 7,200 + bus profit + initial balance)= KSH 240,200


Group members’ lives have changed since WEF funding and now they are able to access good health care, quality education for their children, good water supply and permanent houses. They are also self-employed and manage their own businesses.

“Since WEF funding Samaki Women group has showed quite a lot of improvements in loan repayment and project management. Our lives have changed and we have shown much of improvement. We thank Women Enterprise Fund it has given women a voice,” Florence Gumbaya, Chairlady

     Name: Florence Gumbaya

     Title: Chairlady

     Organization: Samaki Women Group

     Phone: 0720943294


     Name: Mary Agunga

     Title: Secretary

     Organization: Samaki women group

     Phone: 0724153341

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